Big cities and Provinces of South Korea.

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[ South Korea Map / Big cities and Provinces of South Korea ]

South Korea covers the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, which is surrounded by 3 seas. There are also North Korea, China, Russia to the north and Japan to the West. the north and the Japan on the west.
It has 17 Administrative provinces. It can be divided into 시(si : city) and 도(do : province). and the capital is Seoul.


구분 이름 비고
시(Si) 서울 (Seoul) The capital of South Korea.
부산 (Busan) The 2nd biggest city here
대구 (Daegu) It’s very hot in summer
인천 (Inchoeon) There are China Town and Inchoeon International Airport
광주 (Gwangju)
대전 (DaeJeon) a Traffic hub
울산 (Ulsan) There are big Industrial complex. The highest GDP per capita by region
세종 (Sejong) Administrative central city with many government agencies
도(Do) 경기 (Gyeonggi) The province surrounding ㄴeoul, it is the majority in Seoul Metropolitan Area
강원 (Gangwon) Highland with many mountains
제주 (Jeju) The biggest island with great nature in South Korea.
충청(Chungcheong) 남 (Nam)
전라(Jeolla) 남 (Nam)
경상(Gyeongsang) 남 (Nam)

[ Vocabulary ]
동=East, 서=West, 남=South, 북=North, 시=city, 도=province, 황=Yellow, 해=Sea,

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