Coin Noraebang(Karaoke)

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Today, I went 코인 노래방(Coin Noraebang) with my friend. We really like this place.  Because we love to sing!!! and  the price is so reasonable. Did you see that?! It’s  Just 500 won(0.45usd) for 2 songs. Usually It is  1~2.5 man won (9 ~22usd)  for an hour in a karaoke.

코인: coin, 노래 = singing, 두 곡 = two songs, 원 = KRW, 만 = 10,000, 최신 곡 = new song, 업데이트 = update

There are a lot of rooms there. and we chose one of them. It’s a quite small room.

300 won(3 * 100 won coin) for a song, 500 won(a coin) for 2 songs and 1,000 won(a paper money) for 4 songs. You can check how many times you can sing on the screen after inserting coins and paper money into the machine.

지폐= paper money.

This is the main control box. you can reserve, start and cancel to sing a song. Every song has each own serial number and you have to press the number of the song before reservation or start. you can also set it up as like key, tempo, melody, rhythm if you want.
음정 = key, 템포 = tempo, 멜로디 = melody, 리듬 = rhythm, 남 = man, 여 = woman, 신곡안내 = New song guide, 변환 = change, 취소=cancel, 시작= start, 예약 = reserve, 우선 = priority, 마이크 = microphone, 노래 = singing, 끝난 후 = after finishing, 꼭=surely, 꺼 주세요 = please trun off

In fact, We use only Remote controller because it supports many functions just with a pad. There are 2 ways to find song code. The one is using Karaoke book and the other one is using the remote.

How to find Song code

  1. Using Karaoke Book
    • There is a karaoke book per a room
    • It has dictionary layout ordered by consonants.
    • There are also sections of Themes and songs from other countries.
  2. Using Remote Controller
    1. 제목(title), 가수(singer), 가사(lyric), 국가별(by country) buttons
      • In case that you have specific song you wanna sing.
      • Type about the song you want after pressing the button among these 4 buttons.
        노래=song, 찾기=finding, 검색=searching, 한국곡=Korean song, 한글 = Hangeul
    2. 신곡연습(practicing new song), 인기차트(top chart), 애창곡(favorite song), 테마곡(theme song) buttons
      • In case that you don’t know the song you wanna sing.
      • You can just pick it up from the list they suggest.
      • For example, I opened Top chart menu to sing famous song for now.

        가요 = (K)POP, 팝=(US)POP, 일본곡=Japanese song, 드라마 = drama, 영화=movie, 현재곡= playing song, 이동=move, 선택= select, 닫기 = close.
      • We can see Top200 of K-POP after selecting 가요(K-POP) menu.

        줄 이동 = moving to (another) line, 쪽 이동 = moving to (another) page, 예약=to reserve, 시작 = start, 닫기 = close

Enjoy Coin-Noraebang(코인 노래방) enthusiastically like my friend!!

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다

Thank you for your reading,

좋은 하루 되세요!
Have a nice day!

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