How to get the romanized Korean easily

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How to get the romanized Korean easily
알파벳으로 된 한글발음 쉽게 얻는 방법

Using romanized-Hangeul is useful way for beginner to know pronunciation of Korean though it is not recommendation for exact pronunciation.

Actually no native Korean uses it. Only learners from other countries use it. It can be a barrier to speak accurate Korean. So you have to use it just for only a short time.

So, at this time, I will let you know How to get the romanized Korean.

Step1. Access the Google Translate web page(

Step2. Set up Languages(Ko to Any or Any to Ko).

  • case 1. when you know the korean word.(Korean to any Language)
  • case 2. when you don’t know the korean word, but you know the meaning.(Any Language to Korean)

Step3. Type Words or sentences, then Check the result.

  • case 1. Korean to any Language

    Romanization will be bottom of Left box
  • case 2. Any Language to Korean

    Romanization will be bottom of Right box

P.S. You can hear Korean pronunciation by clicking Speaker icon in the box of Korean words.

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