‘I am~’ in Korean.

     "나는 ~입니다." =  I am ~
     "나는 ~예(이에)요." =  I am ~
Sentence Meaning Romanization
나는 남자입니다.(Formal) I am a man. naneun namjaibnida.
나는 남자예요. (Informal) naneun namjayeyo.
나는 여자입니다. (Formal) I am a woman. naneun yeojaibnida.
나는 여자예요. (Informal) naneun yeojayeyo.
나는 학생입니다. (Formal)) I am a student. naneun hagsaeng-ibnida.
나는 학생이에요. (Informal) naneun hagsaeng-ieyo.
나는 선생님입니다. (Formal) I am a teacher. naneun seonsaengnim-ibnida.
나는 선생님이에요.(Informal) naneun seonsaengnim-ieyo.
나는 친구입니다. (Formal) I am a friend. naneun chingu-ibnida.
나는 친구예요. (Informal) naneun chinguyeyo.
나 = I, 남자 = man, 여자 = woman, 학생 = student, 선생님 = teacher, 친구 = friend

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The first lesson.


I made it for you, the Korean Language(한국어) learners. to make it much easier to learn.


I really like the first lesson. It was easy to understand. I like the repetition.