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Object + 을 / 를


Korean particle, 을/를, is used to set the object in a sentence. This is new concept that only Korean has, but English doesn’t. ‘을/를’  is attached after object word to announce that it plays the role as the object in a sentence, though a order of words represent the elements of a sentence in English. This object maker is characteristic of Korean. People can understand the meaning of a sentence even in wrong order.

The last syllable of object word decides whether it should be to be ‘을’ or to be ‘를’. If the last syllable has 받침(batchim=Support), Prop(last) Consonant, then it become ‘을’, or ‘를’. For example, the last syllable ‘생’ of the word, 학생(student), has the last consonant ‘ㅇ’,  So we must attach ‘을’ after ‘학생’ (->학생+을).  On the contrary to this, the last syllable ‘자’ of 남자(man) doesn’t has a last consonant. ‘를’ is attached on after ‘남자'(->남자+를) .

Word Meaning Romanization
  꽃들 보았다. (I, Someone) saw the flowers. kkochdeul-eul boassda.
  학생 사랑한다. (I, Someone) love students. hagsaeng-eul salanghanda.
  선생님 존경한다. (I, Someone) respect my teacher. seonsaengnim-eul jongyeonghanda.
  수박 먹었다. (I, Someone) ate watermelon. subag-eul meog-eossda.
   만졌다. (I, Someone) touched the bear. gom-eul manjyeossda.
 믿는다. (I, Someone) believe in me. naleul midneunda.
 좋아한다. (I, Someone) like you. neoleul joh-ahanda.
   키운다. (I, Someone) raise a dog gaeleul kiunda
  사과 그렸다. (I, Someone) painted an apple. sagwaleul geulyeossda.
  학교 다닌다. (I, Someone) attend school. haggyoleul daninda.
나=me, 너=you, 개=dog, 사과=apple, 학교=school, 꽃=flower, 학생=student, 선생님=student, 곰=bear, 수박=watermelon, 보다=to see, 사랑하다= love, 존경하다 = respect, 먹었다 = ate, 만졌다=touched, 믿는다=believe, 좋아한다= like, 키운다=raise, 그렸다=painted, 다닌다=attend

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