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Each subway station in Seoul has several numbered entrances. From there, you can find the line number and color, station name, and entrance number. The green color shown in this photo is for the line number 2 of Seoul Metro.  Dorimcheon is the station name, and the entrance is 2. A subway station in Seoul is normally chaotic.  So you should always check Next 4 things when you take subway. Line number, Station name, Direction, Entrance number.

~호선=line number ~, 지하철=subway, 출입구=entrance

Usually platforms are distinguished by the up line and the down line platforms. The above signpost shows the stations in the forward direction of the train. In other words. If you take the train on this platform, You can go to Sindorim, Sinchon, Sadang, Seoul Nati’l Univ of Education, Jamsil. So you can move on the right platform after checking this.

상행선=the up line, 하행선=the down line

It is a typical appearance of a typical platform. Screen door, safety line, status board, station name.

승강장(플랫폼)= platform, 스크린도어=screendoor, 안전라인=safetyline,  현황판=status board,  역 이름=station name

Screen door was made to prevent accidents. When a train arrives, the doors open and close automatically

사고=accident, 열차=train, 개폐=open and close, 자동으로 = automatically, 도착=arrival, 방지=prevention

The status board shows the train number, the direction and position of the train, and the current time.

이번=this, 열차=train, ~행 열차 = train for ~, 지금 시각= current time, 번호=number, 방향=direction, 위치=position

The screen door and the wall says the previous station, the current station, and the next station. If you take the subway here, the next station is 신도림(Shindorim).

벽=wall, 역=station, 이전=previous, 현재=current, 다음=next, 지하철=subway

There are three triangles next to the floor safety line. The two triangles of sides are for people standing in line and the middle triangle is for those who come out. The center mark is the platform number(4th door of 2nd passenger car) and the sign on the left indicates that there are seats reserved for the elderly and the infirm in the car.

바닥=floor, 삼각형=triangle, 중앙=middle, 노약자=the elderly and the infirm

You can check the route map inside the train. As we saw in the last picture , the train has passed Shindorim. For reference, The Triple-colored circle means transit station.

노선도=route map, 환승역=transit station

When you arrive at your destination, look for a comprehensive information panel attached to the wall. You can see the map of the metro train lines , the map of the station, and the map of the surrounding area.

도착지=destination, 종합=comprehensive, 안내=guide, 노선도=route map, 역=station

Metropolitan-area railway map. Several different routes, wide geography, and current location can be identified.

Map of the surrounding area. You can see the current location of the station, the exits, and the simple geography of the neighborhood.
주변 지역= surrounding area, 지도=map, 현재 위치=current location, 출구=exit, 주변 지리=geography of the neighborgood

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