What is Hangul?

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1. Background of Hangul(Korean Characters)

King Sejong

A long time ago, the people of Korea were using Chinese characters because they didn’t have their own writing system. In fact, only a few members of the aristocracy were able to learn and use the text. Because It required a lot of time and effort to learn many Chinese Characters with complex shapes.

So King Sejong who loved his people started trying to make new characters for them. Some of the nobles rebelled on the way, He finally made Hun-Min-Jeong-Eum(Hangul). It was in October 1446. 



Hangul is the Korean letters that King Sejong made. It is very efficient character system having 14 consonants and 10 vowels for the Japanese with over  2000 characters including common Chinese characters  and the Chinese  system with over 10,000 characters.

This is because Hangul was created by scientific principle. The consonants of Hangul were derived from the shape of vocal organs. And the vowels ㆍ,ㅣ, ㅡ  were created based on the appearance of  Sky(Round), Man(Vertical), Ground(Horizontal).

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